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Tubus Logo Titan rack £160

Tested by Ped Baker, tester for The Bike List

It’s a tad ironic that the Tubus company slogan is ‘Just see the difference’ because to the casual observer the German made Tubus racks are pretty unremarkable things, just tubes bent into a shape and welded where they cross. There are no showy castings, flashy paint jobs or indeed, large logo’s. But Tubus racks and especially the Tubus Logo Titan rack is one of those products that is so much more than the sum of it’s parts.

As the name suggests, the Tubus Titan is made from titanium tubing. A material that has some considerable benefits over the aluminium and steel materials usually found on bike racks. The most obvious is it’s light weight. Even if weight saving isn’t top of your priority list, the Logo’s lightness will invoke lots of Ooo’s and Arrr’s from like minded friends as it floats from person to person. At 390 grams, it really is a feather weight item. The steel version of the Logo weighs 600 grams.

Mounting instructions are excellent with a large exploded diagram ensuring everything slots together with minimum fuss. The Logo will fit both road and mountain bike wheels, with the top stays able to reach varying heights of mounting points on the seat stays with the articulated sliding bosses. I took the suggested option of bending the top stays so they run parallel to the top of the rack and neaten the installation, but if you’d really rather not bend bits of your £160 rack, you can leave them straight (but they’ll point down below the platform and look a tad ungainly). Spacers are included to negate any hub width issues and if your frame doesn’t have brazed on rack bosses, Tubus also make a additional kit that lets you mount the rack directly on the axle. Simply put, no matter how your bike is configured, Tubus will be able to supply a way of fitting a Logo on to it.

Once I’d spent 30 minutes fitting the Logo I began to appreciate that although it initially lacks any bells and whistles it is exceptionally well made and has an engineered, rather than mass produced feel. Protective tape is supplied to place where pannier bags rub and I soon regret not fitting these as after just a few rides the hard plastic on my Ortlieb bags has slightly polished the matt silver finish.

An excellent design feature of the Tubus Logo range is the way they carry panniers on lower rails of the rack. This is especially useful when expedition touring as it keeps weight, and the bikes centre of gravity low – essential to a stable handing bike. Plus as the bags are mounted a little further back it helps with heel clearance issues too. The maximum recommended weight for the Logo Titan is 30kg.

I’ve used racks made from aluminium alloy for many years on my commuter bikes and even though they’ve been 100% reliable they’re a tad utilitarian and also relatively heavy. Aluminium also has a worse fatigue rate than titanium or steel meaning it won’t stand repeated bending and flexing before it breaks. Titanium’s not all good news though, it’s expensive and if you do break it, it’s not as easy to repair as steel.

For £65 less, Tubus make a steel version and to be entirely honest, that’s the one I’d go for. Titanium is nice but I’d rather spend the saved cash on some decent Ortlieb panniers. Plus if you’re going to load your bike up with 30kgs of clobber a further 210 grams isn’t going to hurt.

At a glance

Verdict Featherweight titanium rack that’s simple engineering at its best.

Tubus Says:

Nearly half the weight of the normal LOGO with only 10 kilos less of maximum load capacity.

  • Material: Titanium 
  • Wheel size: 26/28" 
  • Weight: ca. 390 g 
  • Mounting parts: ca. 148 g 
  • Additional load: 30 Kg

It seems so easy - they bend steel tubes - into a carrier! But as so often, excellent products shine through the love of details. Over the last 18 years Tubus have developed and improved the fabrication process of making extremely thin steel tubes into highly resistant and strong bicycle racks.

In the beginning their products seemed exotic. Today a carrier made by Tubus belongs to the basic equipment of a good touring / commuter bike. Continual improvements to their no compromise products means they offer a 10 year guarantee with confidence, including 3 years of world wide mobile guarantee for all registered customers!

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