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Mavic Sprint Road Pedals £60

Tested by Nik Cook, tester for The Bike List

For my road pedals I must admit I’ve never strayed from the market leading Look brand and was even deeply unsettled when they changed wholesale to the Keo platform. Despite being a reluctant stick in the mud and buying up a stash of old style Delta cleats, eventually I was forced to change and have since run either Look Keo Classics or Look Keo 2 Max pedals on all my road bikes. With no complaints about Look pedals, the Mavics were always going to be in for a tough review.

Retailing at £60, the Mavic Sprints sit between the very basic Look Keo Easy pedals at £49.99 and the standard Look Keo Classics at £69.99. In terms of spec, they’re definitely on a par with the Classics, offering high quality sealed cartridge bearings and adjustable release tension. They certainly look the part with a minimalist skeletal metallic appearance and, in that department, take some points off the rather dull looking Looks. As pedals are rotating components, weight is important and, although the claimed weight of 145g per pedal is close to the Looks weight of 140g per pedal, our scales show a weightier 154g. Not a lot but just goes to show you can’t trust those claimed weights and a couple of points back for the Looks.

The supplied cleats offer 7° of float and there’s also a 0° option is you prefer a more fixed ride. This compares to the 0°, 4.5° and 9° on offer from Look. In appearance they’re very similar to Look cleats. There are harder wearing pads on the contact areas but, as with most road cleats, you want to keep walking on them to an absolute minimum to save unnecessary wear and to stop yourself looking like Bambi on ice.

With the release tension set at the middle of the range, you can actually see the pin that presses down on the spring so accurately gauging this is easy, engagement is very positive. The pedals hang very well for easy no-look clipping in and there’s no doubt that you’ve clipped. At this mid-range level, dis-engaging requires a solid definite twist and there’s no way you’d accidentally pop out. I found it just about perfect for everyday training but, for racing, cranked it up the three quarters. At full strength it’d be secure enough for even the most muscular track rider. At the lightest end of the scale it’d be perfect for novice riders getting used to clipless pedals and nervous about not being able to disengage. Engagement is still positive though and incrementally increasing the tension as confidence grows would be easy.

The riding platform they offer is very comfortable and the load is well spread. The float does seem a bit “on or off” but didn’t cause any problems for my sensitive left knee. Power transfer is excellent and the bearings started off silky smooth and remained they way throughout the test.

My only real grumble is that the cleats did seem to wear much faster than my Look ones but as a replacement set comes in £6.49 cheaper, over time this would probably even out financially. Do I want to be changing my cleats every month? Probably not and as you can get Look cleat covers that you can just pop in your jersey pocket, you can extend their life even longer.

At the end of the day, I won’t be converting to Mavics. They’re a really solid entry level pedal and, for features and value, outdo the Look Keo Classics. I can’t ignore the weight though and to change all my bikes over would be a costly exercise as I’d want the £90 Mavic Race or even the £175 Mavic Race SI Ti for my TT race bike. The cleat wear issue puts me off too but, with me, the Mavics were probably on a losing wicket to start with. If you haven’t got a stable of bikes already kitted out with a pedal brand and especially if you’re looking to take your first teetering steps into clipless pedals, the Mavic Sprints would be a great place to start.

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At a glance

Verdict Quality entry level pedals that are ideal for clipless novices but with some doubts about cleat durability.

Mavic Says:

High value road pedal for weight and budget conscious riders. Reliable performance offering energy transmission and value. High effeciency with many of the high end features will make the Avenir perform. 

  • Full aluminium alloy body
  • Composite Rear plate
  • Composite friction plate
  • Adjustable release tension (80-200 kg/cm)
  • Optimized cleat/ pedal release
  • Option of 0° or 7° angular float DuraCleat cleats
  • QRM sealed cartridge bearing
  • Precision CroMoly axle
  • Weight: 145g / pedal

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