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Full Windsor Foldnfix rear mudguard £15

Tested by Ped Baker, tester for The Bike List

Mudguards are ugly things, capable of turning the hippest of steeds into something as sexy as a sink plunger. The trouble is, if you ride through a UK winter and don’t want a dirty streak up your back, you need one.

The Full Windsor is made in the style of a mountain bike rear guard, being wide and high off the rear wheel. It’s a style used over the traditional, closer fitting mudguards as it requires no specific mounting points on the frame, works with different wheel sizes and is easily detachable. The flat, angular profile is almost invisible when viewed from the side so doesn’t detract from your bikes appearance, especially appealing for the urban chic.

The Full Windsor comes ‘flat-packed’ and if, like me, those words strike the fear of god into you don’t worry, it’s nothing like the protracted Ikea nightmare you might imagine. Assembly is as simple as unfolding and threading it through the seat stays, wrapping around your seat tube and zip tying into place. No tools are needed except for a pair of snips or scissors to trim the zip ties. Clear tape is supplied to protect paintwork from rubbing. It takes just a couple of minutes to mount.

When fitted, the Full Windsor feels and looks fairly flimsy, and to begin with I wasn’t confident it would put up with much abuse. My commute is 8 miles of byway and bridleway, and in the winter (which it is now) it gets extremely boggy and churned up by wheel and hoof. After a couple of miles plugging I stopped to check progress and surprisingly found the Full Windsor was coping well with the heavy clods being thrown at it, keeping all but the most determined mud off my back. Once mud clings onto the underside of the guard it starts to droop a tad but never looks like touching the wheel. Considering it’s not really intended for off-road duties it performed much better than I expected.

If your commute is as muddy as mine or you want a better performing guard for your urban ride then there are better options from companies like Crud or SKS that will keep you drier or less spattered with mud. But the Full Windsor manages something that those bigger boys have so far failed to do, and that’s make a mudguard that doesn’t instantly strip you of any street cred.

Full Windsor also make a Quickfix version that mounts to your bike using press studs instead of zip ties making it easier to install and remove, probably a better option should you leave you bike in cycle bays or are particularly style conscious. Both versions of the Full Windsor require paired seat stays (not wishbone style stays) and centrepull brakes get in the way.

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At a glance

Verdict Innovative Origami style rear mudguard that won’t spoil the lines of your fixie.

Full Windsor says:

The flagship FoldnFix mudguards require no tools, they use their origami form and your bicycles frame to give them their rigid structural strength. They fold flat and are easily stored in your bag. The Foldnfix attaches to your bicycle via cable ties giving a more permanent solution.

  • New innovative folding design
  • Requires no tools / nuts or bolts
  • Colour matching cable ties allowing for perfect fit
  • Uses bicycles frame to create rigid structural form
  • Also protects backs of upper legs
  • Lightweight, durable and easy to clean
  • Fits to nearly all bikes with paired seat stays
  • Elegant minimal aesthetic
  • Six great colours to choose from 
  • Anti-scuffing stickers included

Click here to see the Full Windsor Foldnfix mudguard demo.