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Brooks Trouser Strap £17

Tested by John Milbank, tester for The Bike List

Cycling in a suit is so often a recipe for disaster - and even if you can avoid the general road filth on a city commute, the gravitational pull of a fast-turning front ring on a trouser leg is undeniable.

A length of steel wrapped in leather, the Brooks Trouser Strap is a chic and handsome alternative to traditional clips (or tucking your trousers into your socks). When opened out, the strap stays straight, but slap it on your ankle and it whips round, gently holding your hem in place. Being so wide, your fine wool/cotton/polyester mix is less likely to get as creased than when using normal clips.

Quality doesn't come cheap, however, especially when you consider that the price is for one, not a pair. However, for the discerning lady or gentleman of the city (or anyone who cares about having the most stylish cycle equipment), this is a great accessory.

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Brooks says:

Our Trouser Strap helps the urban cyclist to fasten his or her trousers and prevents them from being caught in the chain ring.

Made in China

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Verdict Luxury trouser clip – the perfect present for the commuter who has everything.