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Aquapac Toccoa Waterproof Daysack 28L £50

Tested by Ben Horan, tester for The Bike List

Need a backpack for extremely wet conditions? Read on to see if this is the one for you...

Aquapac have produced a 28ltr day sack they call the Toccoa. The pack is priced at £50 and weighs in at 890g, being 304mm in width and 407mm tall. The pack is available in two colourways; blue & black, and green & grey. The green is more of a fluorescent yellow, and makes this a great high viz pack to help get you seen on busy roads or foggy hill tops. At 28ltrs in size, the pack is perfect for all day outings with plenty of space inside.

Looking more closely at the pack which is made from tough PVC, the seams are 'welded' which means no stitched seams that could allow water to leak inside. The pack is clearly aimed at protection of kit from water, and is rated just below Aquapac's fully submersible products, and tested against international standards for waterproofing quality. To give you an idea of what this pack can withstand, this is the criteria it has to meet to hold the level Aquapac call 'Stormproof/Trailproof' - 'Protected against heavy seas/temporary flooding - Water projected at all angles through a 12.5mm nozzle at a flow rate of 100 litres per minute at a pressure of 100kN/m2 for 3 minutes from a distance of 3 metres.' Basically, this thing is more than waterproof enough for any day out in torrential rain! No more soggy sandwiches! After a muddy outing with the one we had on test, to clean it, with kit inside, I dunked it in a reservoir. Not a drop of water leaked inside.

The pack is closed by folding the top over several times, before securing it at the sides with two chunky snap buckles. The straps are basic, but padded and breathable mesh, adjustable and comfy, with a chest strap to keep them in place and stop any rubbing effect around the shoulder and chest area. There's also a waist belt, to stop the lower end of the pack moving whist out on the trail. This is removable lessening the whole pack weight by 73g. Otherwise to aid keeping you comfortable, there are two basic pads on the upper and lower area of the pack that meet your shoulder and lower back areas. Whilst the Toccoa is not uncomfortable, other brands do offer more ergonomically fitted designs. At the lower sides of the pack there are netted pockets, great for stashing food bars or a drink. On the top there is a grab handle for easy picking up, and there is a line of holes which can be used as lash points for lights as required.

Being honest, this pack misses out on some key features that off road cycle specific designs from other companies offer. For example, there's no hydration reservoir, or pocket to hold one. There are no separated internal pockets, or external smaller pockets. This is essentially a product which is suited to a variety of outdoor activities, ranging across the board, where extremely wet conditions are a concern.

The high viz version of this rucksack however is still a good option for commuters as it not only keeps your work clothes and lunch dry but also ensures that other road users see you as you make your way through rush hour traffic.

The lack of features that make other packs more appealing is partially down to it's extreme waterproofed design. It is essentially a dry bag as you would use on a boat or canoe. Taken on its own merits however, of keeping anything you put inside it completely dry, this pack excels over others on the market. And at £50, it'll certainly keep items such as a £200 mobile phone dry!

At a glance

Verdict This pack essentially does what it should very well, but lacks on features useful for cycling.

Aquapac says:

Our Trailproof Daysacks are tough enough to take all the trail can throw at you. Tough waterproof protection at a price you can afford.

Key Features

Tough 500D Vinyl will resist scrapes and abrasion on the trail.
All-welded construction seals out any water.
Roll-down seal with side (compression) or top (maximum volume) closure.
Mesh side pockets for drinks or quick-access items.
Breathable mesh straps and padding.
Lash points for lights.
Daisy-chain webbing to secure carabiners to the side of the bag.
Grab handle, for grabbing.

Technical Specs

Waterproof Rating - TrailProof
Volume 1709 cu in / 28 litres
Colour Green & Grey / Blue & Black
Materials PVC
Weight Total: 31.39oz / 890g. Removable waist belt: 2.58oz / 73g. Bag: 28.81oz / 817g


W 11.96in x H 16.02in
W 304mm x H 407mm