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Raleigh launches Tommy Godwin 205 Challenge

Seventy-five years since this Raleigh record holder set the longest unbeaten record in cycling. Think you can ride 205 miles in a day?

In the pages of cycling history there's one person that stands above all other sporting legends. In 1939 Tommy Godwin rode his Raleigh Record Ace into the history books with an unbreakable record; he rode an incredible  75,065 miles in one calendar year, averaging a huge 205 miles per day. Seventy-five years on and Tommy's record still hasn't been bettered.

We believe that Tommy's story is one that every cyclist should know so we've put together an article about him and to commemorate his achievement we have a challenge for today's cyclists...put yourself to the ultimate test and ride 205 miles in one day.

The Challenge

Even to most capable club cyclists, 205 miles in one day is a very tough ask.
That's upwards of 10 hours on a bike, which takes some mental and physical preparation, followed by a similar dose of punishment. It's also a serious test of the bike and the accessories you're using, so it's not to be taken lightly.

It is most probably the longest distance you'll ever ride on a bicycle, and as such, that makes it a milestone for all cyclists to aim for.

If you can match just one day of Tommy's achievement in 2014 we want to know about it.

How to start your Tommy Godwin Challenge

1. Decide whether to do your ride solo or in a group.
2. Plan your date, plan your route and make sure you have the equipment you need to complete the challenge safely.
3. Get in touch with us on Twitter at @raleighbikes_uk and we'll give you encouragement and support along the way.
4. Get a good night's rest, have a decent breakfast and step into the pain locker!
5. Once your body is functioning again tell us about your rides at and you'll be in with a chance of winning £205 of accessories each month.

Others who've taken part in the Tommy Godwin 205 challenge

Raleigh's Marketing Manager Ben Hillsdon rode three Tommy Godwin Challenges in 2013 and lived to tell the tale. He offers some tips and advice here and you can read about one of his rides here.

You'll also find a record of the Tommy Godwin survivors on our website - enter your details and you'll also make it onto the wall of fame and be in with a chance of winning in our monthly prize draw.

Want to ride a Tommy Godwin 205 Challenge with us?

We want to inspire cyclists up and down the country to emulate Tommy's achievements at a time and date suited to them. However, if you can make it to Nottingham and you'd like some moral support for your Tommy Godwin ride, keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter pages during the spring for details of our next #tommygodwin205 ride.

For more on the long distance legend Tommy Godwin read on for a short article written by Dave Barter.