The Bike List

Sheffield Adventure Film Festival Update - 1-3rd March 2013

The films are in, the speakers are sorted, the bands are lining up, the photographers are busy framing - ShAFF is nearly upon us. Over the next few days the website will be updated with the full 2013 programme, and tickets will go on sale. On top of that we've a series of warm-up events lined up for you to get you in the mood...

Best Of ShAFF 2012 and 2013 Trailer Premiere Tomorrow Night

Tomorrow night at the Showroom Cinema (that's 8.30pm on Tue Jan 15th) we're screening a selection of the best and award-winning films from ShAFF 2012, and we're also premiering the 2013 ShAFF trailer featuring Sheffield up-and-coming band The Screaming Maldini. Come meet the band, watch the films and get in the mood for ShAFF 2013.

ShAFF Expert Night - Bike

Join us for the first 2013 ShAFF expert night for a night of Sheffield-based mountain bike geekery like never before.

Brant Richards of On-One and Cy Turner of Cotic are two names synonymous with British mountain bike design. Both have always designed bikes with the rigours of northern trails in mind and have consistently delivered game changing innovations.

They'll talk about how bikes have evolved, how material selection can affect design, how plans on the drawing board don't always transfer to the trails and where the future of mountain bike design lies.

ShAFF Expert Night - Climb

Push It! - Women's Climbing Symposium On Tour
The past few years have seen wave after wave of women breaking boundaries and being at climbing's cutting edge. Tonight we speak to some of the women, find out what makes them tick and hear on their experience of how to push it!

Featuring Shauna Coxey, Lucy Creamer, Stephanie Meysner, Jen Randall and Fran Brown.

ShAFF Expert Night - Run

From speedy 10k runs through to extreme running, the biggest task is getting to the start line. You have to consider the conditions, terrain and in some cases extreme weather and a harsh environment. That's before you even begin to look at a training plan to ensure you are fit enough. So how do you get yourself to the start line, fit enough for the event and not racing to get fit?

Speakers: Nicki Spinks, Stuart Bond, Jason Ward, Adela Carter & Stuart Hale