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Bike Leasing Company helps local charity

Bike Leasing Company is helping a local charity to get under-privileged children some shiny new bikes for Christmas (along with helmets of course!)

Bike Leasing Company normally lease premium bikes; but they're making their site available for a limited time to help local charities; simply by your buying children's bikes.

For every 2 bikes bought through their website, they will donate 1 bike and a helmet to the charity. Any money left over will be used to buy extra bike stuff and toys for the charities.

The benefit for you is that you can get your child a bike at a 10% discount whilst you are helping this worthwhile charity.

Their target is to donate more than 50 bikes this Christmas. You need to be quick though - this offer will only run for the next 10 days to make sure that bikes can be delivered in time.

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