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Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op to provide workshop and training

Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op will be providing workshop, training and shop services at the City Tower Cycle Hub which will open in November.

A key part of TfGM's (Transport for Greater Manchester's) Commuter Cycle Project, Cycle Hub will offer secure indoor parking facilities for up to 200 bicycles at the base of Bruntwood's CityTower adjacent to PiccadillyGardens.

CityTower Cycle Hub will be much more than a high-tech bicycle shed, however.

With its annual membership scheme, its swipe-card access, its showers and its locker facilities, Cycle Hub's ambience will be more akin to a private gym.

We're confident we can add something extra to City Tower Cycle Hub by offering our workshop and retail services at this wonderful facility.

Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op see their Cycle Hub shop as a satellite of our well-established flagship Greater Manchester shop on Wimslow Road, Rusholme, rather than as a separate branch.

The cycle hub will be staffed by the same experienced mechanics who wield the wrenches at our Wilmslow Road shop, so you can be confident that your bike will be in safe hands.

The Bike Co-op's City Tower Cycle Hub shop will be a cyclists' convenience store where you can pop in for expert advice and pick up everyday cycling essentials - say a rear light because you forgot yours that morning.

Having said that, Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op are always keen to expand their offer beyond what you might expect from a bike shop. We already run hugely popular day classes at our Rusholme shop, where you can learn bicycle maintenance and wheel building skills under the supervision of a Bike Co-op mechanic. We plan to introduce these bike maintenance courses at PicadillyGardens too, once the cycle hub is established.

Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op are clearly excited about working in partnership with TfGM and Bruntwood on such a visionary project. We are confident that Cycle Hub will make commuting by bicycle in Greater Manchester an even more attractive proposition for the following reasons:

  1. Secure bike parking facilities remove the fear that your bicycle might get stolen.
  2. Shower facilities enable you to freshen up before the working day begins.
  3. Having Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op on hand to look after your bike and your cycling needs whenever you use Cycle Hub can only make this unique facility even more attractive.

For more information on Edinburgh Bicycle Co-op's involvement with the City Tower Cycle Hub contact project manager Alan Nestor - 0131 3019 2400 ext 107 or email