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Victoria Pendleton launches bike range

Following Chris Boardman’s lead, world and Olympic Cycle Champion Victoria Pendleton has also launched her own range of classic-looking ladies cycles. We went along to the launch at the very swanky Berkley Hotel in Knightsbridge London to go and see the range and find out more from Victoria herself.

Although best known for her track cycling achievements Victoria’s range is geared more towards leisure cycling than all out speed.

“I wanted to create bikes that are simple and easy to ride and are very accessible, very affordable and not techy or intimidating. The weight was important to me, I wanted them to be light as there’s nothing more off putting than having a big heavy bike”

The relatively small range of three bikes starts at a very reasonable £300 for the Somerby and Brooke models with the Dalby retailing for a bit more at £350. Each bike will be available in both a 16” and 18” frame from Halfords from 22nd March.

The Somerby, a light blue and cream traditional step through bike, is a good looking yet practical bike with a rear rack integrated to the frame and the option of a wicker basket for the full traditional look. The Brooke hybrid bike features a plum red finish (Victoria’s favourite colour) along with a simple, reliable set-up that’s easy to use. The Dalby hybrid bike offers mudguards and higher spec gears than the Brooke and comes in at £350.