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BioLogic’s BikeBrain iPhone app updated

BioLogic’s free BikeBrain app turns your iPhone into a cycling computer without the need for any additional external devices to capture the data. As well as capturing the more standard information such as current speed, average speed, distance and time that you’d expect from any cycle computer the app also shows you your location on a Google powered map and where you are heading, providing you’ve told it beforehand of course. To see all of this information as you’re whizzing along you’ll need a BioLogic bike mount to attach your phone safely to the handlebars and keep it weather proof. We reviewed the bike mount last year and gave it very a respectable 4 cogs out of 5 for both value and performance, click here to read the full review.

The latest free version of the app (version 1.3) boasts new features including an improved user interface, clear and customisable views and a top-rated battery efficiency. For £1.49 you can upgrade the free app to Bike Brain Plus, which gives you additional features such as the ability to export data, publish your ride to Google Maps or share your ride with social network sites. The latest paid for version has also received extra features which include three pace modes to help keep you on track, options to name and display your bikes and an automatic social network update function that posts at the start and end of your trip.

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