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What are Stack and Reach measurements and why are they important?

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How to measure your inside leg

To provide an accurate frame size recommendation we need to know your exact inside leg measurement. This isn’t your trouser inside leg, it’s the full length of your leg from the base of your foot to your crotch.

You can easily take this measurement accurately at home. Take your shoes off and stand with your back against the wall. Place a book or similar object between your legs and slide it up the wall until it contacts your crotch firmly. Either mark the wall or hold the book in place and step over it, making sure you or someone else holds the book in its final position. You can then measure the distance from the ground to the top of the book. It’s much easier to get an accurate measurement with another person there to hold the book for you.

Don’t have a wall and a book? Good bike shops will have a special inside leg measuring tool that will give a very accurate reading.