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Groupsets: Shimano 2300, 16 or 24 gears (2009 to 2013)

Shimano's entry-level groupset is relatively common on road bikes between £400 and £850 and is also found on drop-handlebar touring, flat-handlebar commuter, cyclocross and hybrid/town bikes in this price bracket from 2009 to 2013. Whilst Shimano 2300 did appear on a number of 2014 bikes it has now been phased out and superseded by Shimano's Claris 2400 groupset. The materials used throughout are a combination of aluminium and steel.

The road bike, dual-control integrated brake and gear levers allow you to operate both brakes and gears from the same position on the handlebars. To shift down a gear (to a harder gear on the rear for example) you depress a thumb trigger on the inside of the hoods (the rubber grips where your hands sit) on each brake/gear lever. To shift up a gear (to an easier gear on the rear) requires the brake lever itself to be pressed inwards.

The groupset is available with compact or standard road double chainsets that provide 16 gears or as a triple with 24 gears. The rear derailleur is designed to offer a wide gear range, ideal for anyone new to road cycling, and will accept cassettes with a large cog with up to 32 teeth.

Shimano's 2300 series groupset is a good starting point for anyone new to cycling but given the choice we would recommend paying a little more for Shimano's Claris (2400) groupset that was introduced in 2013 as this offers a number of technology upgrades and is available on bikes between £450 and £1000. Having said that, durability of Shimano's 2300 series groupset is very good relative to its price. Compatibility with other groupsets in the Shimano range is somewhat limited however, as only the 2300 and Claris groupsets have 16 or 24 gears.

Strengths: Good value, wide gear range available, gear indicator, well suited to smaller hands, durable, ideal for those new to cycling.

Weaknesses: Weight, number of gears, limited compatibility, gear cables protrude from side of levers. 2300 has now been replaced by Claris (2400) making spare parts increasingly difficult to get hold of.

Price bracket of bikes that feature 2300: £400 to £850

Chainsets available: Compact (50-34), Double (52-39) and Triple (52-42-30) (add url links)

Colour: Silver

How many road bikes on The Bike List feature 2300 components or groupset? 5% of all road/racing bikes.

Cost to buy 2300 aftermarket components:

  • Road 8-speed ST brake/gear levers: £120
  • Chainset: £55 (Square Taper)
  • Front derailleur: £18
  • Rear derailleur: £25
  • Cassette (HG50): £20
  • Bottom bracket: Square Taper BB-UN26

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What does Shimano Claris 2400 offer that 2300 doesn't?

Visually it's not hard to see that Shimano's Claris groupset looks more modern. Technological improvements have resulted in slightly easier shifting that requires less force and brakes that offer increases braking performance and a new bottom bracket standard - Shimano Octalink. The biggest difference to rider experience is possibly the way that gears are selected as Claris uses Shimano's STI brake/gear levers which are used to change gears up and down, as opposed to the thumb trigger on the inside of the 2300 series brake/gear lever hoods.

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