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Bike Fit Guide - Road Bikes

1. Sit on the saddle, spin one of the pedals to the bottom so that the crank (the silver bit the pedal attaches to) is in line with the seat tube (the vertical-ish tube directly under your saddle). Put your heel on the pedal.

2. Adjust the saddle until your leg is almost straight but very slightly bent so that your knee is not locked out when your heel is on the pedal. The saddle should not be raised so high that it looks completely out of proportion with the bike and vice versa. Try a larger or smaller frame size.

3. If you find it hard to reach the handle bars in this position, or find that they feel uncomfortably close, try a smaller or larger frame.

4. If you are trying out bikes in a shop (recommended), some have a tool to measure the angle of your back as you lean over the handlebars. For road bikes this angle is 45 degrees so you are leaning forward into a racier, more aerodynamic position for a speedier, more efficient ride.

5. A shop may also measure your armpit to wrist angle which denotes how much you are crouched over the bike into a more racey, aerodynamic position. For road bikes this angle should be 85 degrees for a lower, slightly more aggressive position.

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