The Bike List

The new 2014 Boardman Hybrid range

Next up is Boardman's MX range of 'multi-surface' hybrid bikes, designed to provide commuters with comfort. The range includes the MX Sport at £499 and another new model, the MX Comp at £599. Both bikes come with suspension up front and wider tyres for extra comfort.

Finally we come to Boardman's Hybrid range which has also been completely re-designed to create a very fast commuter / leisure / training bikes for those that prefer flat handlebars.

The range-topping Hybrid Pro with its light weight alloy frame with carbon forks is cleverly priced to come in just under the maximum cycle to work budget of £1000 and will no doubt appeal to many commuters that are used to riding on skinny tyres and are after a speedy bike that will get them to work quickly. Other bikes in this range include the Hybrid Team at £750 and the Hybrid Comp at £500.