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Mountain Mayhem 2011

Crowds of spectators roared and cheered as over 2,000 riders raced laps around Eastnor Castle Deer Park, Herefordshire as part of a team or solo effort. The UK’s first ever 24-hour mountain biking endurance race held its 14th event this year on 17-19 June. Many riders were raising money for charity as they went, like the Sumo-suited cyclists for the Epilepsy Society.

Sponsored by The North Face and Original Source, Mountain Mayhem is the largest 24-hour mountain bike enduro event in the world and known as ‘The London Marathon of Mountain Biking’. For 2011 the hilly nine-mile route was made even tougher by a dose of torrential rain just before the event. Even The North Face sponsored athlete Rob Dean had to withdraw after 5 laps, (he was in the top 10 of the solo category), as the course resurrected an ongoing shoulder injury.

Rider Sebastian747 posted on the Mountain Mayhem site’s memories section, “This was my first Mayhem, a cracking weekend with the Flying Piemen, we came 50th...loved the whole vibe, the mud and the sunshine, but I have to hold a massive hand out to all the support people at the event - the amazing mechanics who worked so hard keeping us rolling, the marshalls who never stopped encouraging, the foodies, and the all the other riders. The whole thing was brilliant...I even enjoyed the hill climbing, I will be back. Thanks!”

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