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Boardman Hybrid Pro LTD 2010


Sizes Large 54cm, Medium 49cm, Small 45cm (Frame size guide)
Colours White
Frame type Rigid
Frame material Aluminium Alloy
(The quick guide to aluminium alloy)
Gears 20 speed
Chainset type 50-36
Wheel size 700C
Front Derailleur
Rear Derailleur
SRAM Rival
Brakeset Avid Elixir R carbon hydraulic disc brakes, 160mm rotors
Chainset Truvativ Touro compact 50x36T
Cassette Shimano CS-5600 12-27T
Wheels Ritchey Pro disc

Do you own this bike?

by Vulpine  on 24 Oct 2014
Superb machine. Bought via C2W scheme, first bike I've bought new in ages and I can't believe how much better gearchange, wheels and brakes have got in the 15 years since I last rode regularly. I really rate the double tap gears, so quick and precise to use and beautifully made. Much prefer it to the Shimano set up on my MTB. 2x10 compact set up gives a reasonable spread but I live in the Peak District and had to go to a 32 cassette (necessitating a change of derailleur). Also gone to 32mm tyres as I spend a lot of time on trails, but will be reverting to 28mm once the current set have worn out. Feels sprightly but also very comfortable - carbon fork is a revelation - and I even like the saddle. Got me back into cycling and is still my 'go to' machine five years down the line. Highly recommended if you can find one secondhand
by Ronnie  on 9 Apr 2012
Looking for a bike to do Lejog - not keen on racing bikes - so chose this one. Agree with the comments about the downside of having to buy from Halfords - every question I asked, was met with a blank response. Like the bike, the only major crumble are the gears - hated them. Spent Easter in the Black Mountains and took the bike straight to our favourite bike shop, to get them changed for Shimano gears. The double click system is a nightmare. Also having an extra cassette fitted - bike was ok in the hills, but the system definitely set for gentler terrain.
by MARKYMARK  on 8 Mar 2011
The only downside of this bike is having to purchase it from the muppets in Halfords. These bikes are built by Boardman's mechanics and they've done a superb job. All Halfords had to do from the box was straighten the bars and put the pedals on... and they couldnt even do that properly. I removed the pedals when i got it home to stick some SPD's on and the threads were bone dry. Lazy! If they can't be bothered to grease the pedal threads what else are they cutting corners on? Having checked the rest of the bike, the set-up was spot on thanks to Boardman's mechanics. Ride wise, this is a beaut of a machine. I ride top end MTBs and chose this model for fitness, looks and spec It's spot on a seasoned MTB'er who wants to do some road training. The only thing i've removed is the grips and bar ends, and replaced with some comfy BodyGeometry Specialized grips. Will replace the tyres when they're worn out to 23 or 25C's (currently 28C). Otherwise a well thought-out bike that deserves 9/10. And its a British pedigree. Impressive.
by Nik  on 21 Aug 2010
This is a review I submitted twice to Halfords that never got posted... I wonder if it's because I don't just say @this bike is great!' (which it is by the way)

As with one of the other reviews I got this bike through my employer’s Cycle2Work scheme. I commute a 32 mile round trip through the middle of no-where in central-belt Scotland and so reliability is a big factor for me, and as this bike was replacing my well used and much loved and adapted Revolution Courier Comp it had a lot to live up to.
Out of the box I immediately noticed tooling marks on the bottom bracket and crankset bolts which alerted me to the fact that this bike may not have been built too well. This was borne out over the initial month that I had been riding it and during that time I had to re-fit the front mech, re-mount the brake callipers, (the rear disc was actually rubbing on the calliper mounting bolts) replace the chain (which simply wasn’t put together safely at all) and do all sorts of jiggery pokery with the gears.
I’ve also replaced the saddle with a WTB Rocket V as I found the ‘Boardman’ branded one supplied with was incredibly uncomfortable, but this isn’t a gripe as saddles are a matter of personal preference.
The bike comes with the mounting holes for fitting mudguards, but be warned, you’ll struggle to fit any other than the original ‘Crud’ style ones due to the brake callipers being in the way. (the new Crud Roadracer ones won’t fit either) I’ve got some SKS Chromoplastics finally fitted, but it involved some imaginative thinking and some clever bending of the struts.
All of this aside; when this bike works it’s nice to ride. The ‘cockpit’ feels is a nice length (I’m 6’2” and have the large with a trimmed steerer tube) and now that I’ve got through all the teething problems mentioned above, the bike is a joy to commute on and the only significant thing I’ve had to replace other than the obvious is a worn smaller chain ring and the rear tyre (buy something puncture-proof, the supplied tyres are light but useless at stopping sharp stuff!). The wheels and frame are really strong, coping well with the infamous South Lanarkshire roads* although you don’t want to hit anything too big as the carbon forks might crack. The bike’s also nice and stiff and getting out of the saddle on climbs is much more rewarding than it used to be on my old Courier.
The bottom line is that this is a well conceived bike. I’m sure that had I had Halfords build it for me out of the box some, but not all of the niggles would have been resolved. But that aside it’s now problem free and sweet!
* So bad that a S. Lanarkshire employee got fired for ‘bad mouthing’ the state of the roads! Me thinks she/he hit a raw nerve!
by FOZZIE  on 7 Aug 2010
Purchased one seconded hand about a week ago in mint condition
I was prepared for the harder ride from my Orange MTB but I was not prepared for a blow out mile up the road only to find out that the person how sold me the bike had put a 700c x 23 inner tube in not the 700c x 28 needed.
Anyway good bike. Love the double tap. I’ve ordered a set of 700c x 38 to make it a bit more road friendly on the (or is it I’ve just got old)

I would call this a flat bar road machine not hybrid

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